Hotels in Lerici near the ancient city of Luni

Guests at Hotel San Terenzo in Lerici can reach in little time the ancient city of Luni

DOnly the ruins remain today of the ancient city of Luni, situated in the town of Ortonovo. The area was inhabited since the Palaeolithic age, as witnessed by the discoveries of the so-called Lunigiana Stone; preserved mostly in the museum of Piagnaro in Pontremoli.

A natural docking on the ancient mouth of the river Magra the settlement was patronised by the ancient Greeks who dedicated it to the goddess Selene. Controlled by Etruscans and Ligurians it became a Roman colony and an important port from which the vessels left loaded with the precious marble of the Apuan Alps around 180 B.C. The two thousand Roman citizens here established gave the name Moon to the Greek Selene who was maintained as patroness of the city. In the museum and nearby archaeological site numerous finds are present testifying the importance of the site through the centuries, and large fragments of public and private buildings are visible. Many of them concern the roman age but there are some that remind of the great power of the Bishops of Luni in the Dark Ages that, from the year 1000, could be regarded as the counts of the Lunigiana. .


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