San Terenzo Hotel: Lerici and its surroundings

Informations on the most beautiful places to visit near Lerici during a stay at the Hotel San Terenzo.

The Hotel San Terenzo for the particular location where it is located leaves you the widest possible to manage the territory to enjoy all the beauty it offers. More detailed information appears in specific sections below.

Lerici Hotel

Lerici e San Terenzo

The Hotel is on the eastern point of San Terenzo bay, opposite the promontory with the great square tower... » INFO Lerici e San Terenzo
Cinque Terre Hotel

Le Cinque Terre

Almost to the extreme east in the Riviera, are the Cinque Terre, five villages clinging on overhanging cliffs above the sea... » INFO Le Cinque Terre
Portovenere Hotel


Portovenere is located on the western extremity of the Gulf of La Spezia. It is a picturesque seaside village of Roman times, located on a harsh cliff overlooking the emerald sea... » INFO Portovenere
Sarzana Hotel


Sarzana has ancient origins, already remembered in the first millennium and a fascinating history, dominated by many lords and cities, Castruccio Castracani, Spinetta Malaspina, the Pisani, the Visconti... » INFO Sarzana
La Spezia Hotel

La Spezia

La Spezia, the capital of the province, is located in the inner part of the Gulf of La Spezia, which opens on the east coast of the Riviera di Levante (East Riviera). The city, once known only for its Military Arsenal, is an ideal starting point for visiting the Cinque Terre... » INFO La Spezia
Lunigiana Hotel

La Lunigiana

Situated between Tuscany and Liguria, it reproduces the most peculiar features of the landscapes of both these regions. A small region, homogeneous and rich in history, in the background overwhelmingly green scenarios... » INFO Lunigiana
Luni Hotel


Only the ruins remain today of the ancient city of Luni, situated in the town of Ortonovo. The area was inhabited since the Palaeolithic age, as witnessed by the discoveries of the so-called Lunigiana Stone... » INFO Luni

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