Lerici Hotel SanTerenzo | 4 star hotel on Lerici waterfront

On the waterfront connecting Lerici and San Terenzo, the hotel offers an exceptional view over the Gulf of Poets.

The Hotel is on the eastern point of San Terenzo bay, opposite the promontory with the great square tower of the fifteenth century castle, surrounded by merlons. In the old village overlooking the beach arch, there is the seventeenth century parish church of S. Maria (Holy Mary) with a Madonna of the Arena dating back to the sixteenth century and two canvases ascribed to Fiasella known as Sarzana.

Paolo Mantegazza, the illustrious anthropologist and naturalist who lived for a long time in San Terenzo (he died in Villa Serenella in 1910), was enchanted by the beauty of the village that he compared to a "nest hidden between two azure oceans, that of the sky and that of the sea". Continuing on the seafront, we reach Villa Magni, the residence of Percy Shelley and his wife Mary from April to September 1822. The words used by Mary Shelley to describe her residence evoke images and atmospheres that are present in the lyrical landscape of our gulf, even today, especially in the evening, when the clamour of the day is mitigated “…. the beauty of the landscape that surrounded us was indescribable. The expanse azure of the sea, the bay framed by the shores closed to the east by the nearby Castle of Lerici, to the west by the distant Portovenere, in the distance the various shapes of cliffy rocks narrowed the beach… and the sea without tides that did not leave sand nor pebbles. Everything appeared as in a painting by Salvator Rosa.” The promenade, recently completed, allows to reach the chief town of Lerici in absolute safety, enjoying the wonderful panorama between the sea and the park of Villa Marigola, the hills of olive trees and the beach establishments. In Lerici the beautiful Piazza Garibaldi, restored to new glory by the municipal administration, is the fulcrum of the village. From the square, bounded by an eighteenth century "palazzata", the "carruggi" ramify opening onto shops and restaurants. After passing the small harbour, the last stretch of the walk leads to Castle and from the terrace you can admire the beautiful coves of Maralunga, Maramozza and the Bay of Fiascherino reachable by the road that winds from Piazza Garibaldi. Then you will reach the enchanting village of Tellaro or you can visit Serra, a town with the typical ligurian features, the Monte Rocchetta (Mount Rocchetta), the Park of Montemarcello and Solaro situated on a hill of olive trees overlooking the sea. All natural environments of extraordinary beauty that make the visitors desire to spend a more or less long stay to discover the big and small treasures of the Golfo dei Poeti (Poet’s Gulf) described by Charles de Montesquie as "one of the most beautiful things in Italy".

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