Lerici Hotel – 4 stars Hotel San Terenzo

Lerici Hotel with stunning panorama over the Gulf Of Poets in Lerici. Beside the hotel is the Colombo beach establishment, ideal for beach life.

The Hotel San Terenzo, of very recent construction, is located in the village by the same name, a short distance from Lerici and is separated from the shoreline only by a narrow beach. The rooms overlooking the sea offer a view of the Gulf in all its beauty and a breathtaking panorama can be enjoyed from every corner  of the Hotel. Upon opening a window, nature, sea and sky rush into the room with the sunlight offering its guests a corner of paradise. Below to the Hotel is the "Colombo" beach establishment,  equipped with all the facilities and comforts for those who love the beach life.

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Hotel Lerici - Colombo Stabilimento Balneare

The Colombo beach establishment is located below the hotel and is equipped with all the facilities and comforts. All our hotel Guest are offered a special rate.

Free Time

Free Time in Lerici

The opportunity to manage their free time to know the territory or cultural insights to meet the needs of all. The staff will be at your disposal for further information and to allow you to enjoy the best potential of the territory.

Lerici and Surroundings

Svago e tempo libero a Lerici

The Hotel San Terenzo for the particular location where it is located leaves you the widest possible to manage the territory to enjoy all the beauty it offers.

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